Mark was a pleasure to work with, and the crew did a great job. Very pleased from start to finish.

M. King

Mark with Acme Insulation was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. His guys did a great job in a timely manner and the final invoice ended up coming in below the estimated price.

Andrea E.

Mark at ACME insulated our home in Boise and did a great job. We moved to King Hill, 70 miles east, and got insulation bids here. We are out of ACME's service area circle, but I called Mark anyway. We talked about the project and he gave me a bid that was $2700 lower than the contractor that came and looked at the job. TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER. I gave the job to Mark and his crew was here the same day, they did a great job, the house is already much warmer and it is right ON BUDGET with the price he gave me on the phone.

Cindy S.

I called Acme Insulation after a very frustrating conversation with a different company in the Boise area. I instantly liked his warm and down-to-earth personality. He did not treat me like I was stupid-he listened to everything I had to say and answered all of my questions. He came out to our place to give us a quote and did a thorough inspection of our whole attic. He took a lot of measurements, made notes, and even took a few pictures. We had a lot going on in our older home we purchased two years ago.... and we knew this would not be an easy job like others. Mark was honest and up-front, giving us great input and suggestions on our options, and what he would do. His crew was out to our house on time, exactly when Mark said they'd be, and worked their butts off. I don't think I ever saw any of them take a break! They truly busted a move on our attic job which took a good full three days! We had to have other work done in between those three days and everything worked out perfectly! The crew who came out here to work on each day cleaned up after themselves so that I never knew they were ever here! Here is what we had done: -Relocate attic access -insulate and sheetrock old access -remove all old insulation in attic -seal up all openings like lights & fans -wrap, seal all duct work -blow in new insulation We basically had no insulation, and what was there had gotten wet @ some point and stuck to the floor, or was in a few little piles. Our heating/cooling is in the form of a gigantic roof mounted HVAC unit we lovingly refer to as Chernobyl :) It sits into out attic making it extremely difficult to move around in, let alone try to clean out and fill up with new insulation. But our job was completed by Acme Insulation in a timely manner, with great attention to detail, and most amazingly at the exact price quoted to me by Mark the day he came and looked! Even though it took an extra day to scrape out all of that old insulation that no one really knew was in there! If you are looking for an honest and reliable company for your home insulation needs I highly recommend Acme Insulation! Mark does a great job, and the down-to-earth feel of this company really eased my fears of being ripped off that some of the big "chain" style companies made me feel! We had three different companies come out and bid our job-so we really did experience a difference. With our high summer temperatures this year our house has stayed amazingly cool and our power bill-which we are all electric-has been $50-100 less each joke! Great job Acme!! And thanks!

Erica G.

In 2004, I purchased a brand new house. I couldn't understand why the master bedroom and bath was like walking into a freezer in the winter and an oven in the summer. At the recommendation of a friend, I asked Mark Kramer with Acme Insulation investigate. Mark said that he needed to get into attic crawl space above these rooms. He did that by going into the garage and crawling over only to find that access to these room was blocked by wooden boards. After removing the boards, he discovered that there was absolutely NO insulation! My builder's insulation company didn't even bother to remove these boards to do any insulation. I was furious. My one year warranty was up and I had no recourse to go after them. I found out the insulation company my builder used is Marv's, who has been around for many years. It is apparent Marv's does NOT inspect the work their employees do because how can you miss not insulating a whole master bedroom, bathroom and closet???? Mark was shocked that my pipes did not burst. Acme insulators were professional and courteous. They made sure to clean up after themselves, which I greatly appreciated. Mark also followed up after to make sure the work was done correctly and to my satisfaction. The best news is that my heating and cooling bills have gone down substantially. It is amazing to not have to have a portable heater in the winter and fans in the summer. I can't believe I lived with this for 4 years before calling for help. You will not be disappointed with the work Mark and Acme Insulation will do for you. You will be VERY unhappy if you use any other insulator. I've recommended Acme to everyone I know. A friend who used Acme at my suggestion experienced a 30% decrease in her electric bill. She was amazed and thrilled. You will be too.

Claire I.

Highly recommend Mark & his team! Great work & great folks! Quick, efficient & very reliable. The BEST!


Absolutely the best experience!
Based on other reviews I called ACME Insulation to help with a FROG (Finished Room Over Garage) that is way too hot! Even after installing a ceiling fan this room was unbearable in the summer! I researched extensively on what the extreme heat issues could be. Poor insulation was the top answer. With this information, I called ACME in April 2018. Mark scheduled a time to come over and take a look at what the issue was and answered all my questions. He is the professional you want on the job! Mark submitted a work order with all the options we discussed during his visit, with each cost plainly spelled out. Upon authorizing the work to be done, the schedule was set in a timely manner.
ACME Insulation crew showed up on time and went straight to work. The crew was very professional and knew exactly what needed to be done. Insulation was added to the entire garage ceiling surface along with a radiant barrier all around the room and front attic portion. This again was done in April. I wanted to wait to provide a review during the hottest part of the year. It is now mid July and we've had some extreme high temperatures. July 2017, if it was 99-100 outside it was 95-98 inside the bonus room! Even with the ceiling fan! This is with two floor vents in the room area! July 2018 is a very different story... 100 outside equates to 85 in the room! 15 degrees may not sound like much, but it's a HUGE difference! Single room air conditioner is just the icing on the cake... with the radiant barrier that was installed, the system cools the room and shuts off until it's needed again. Without the added insulation and radiant barrier, the air conditioner would have been just a band aid... I had a heating/air conditioning company come out and bid a vent less air conditioning system and the technician commented on what a great job on whoever did the insulation! I told him it was ACME! I highly recommend ACME Insulation! I cannot recommend them enough! Mark and his crew know what they're doing and do an awesome job!

Magoo_66 Thor

Mark and his team did a great job insulating the attic of my 97 year old house. He listened to me and found a solution that saved me thousands of dollars and gave me exactly what I needed. His team was efficient and courteous. I would definitely work with him again.

Sean Y.

During my research on do-it-yourself blown-in insulation, I read an old blog entry stating that it is possible to have insulation professionally installed for not much more than purchasing at the big box store. I didn't believe it, so I called a few places and still didn't believe it, until I called Acme. My quote was not much more than the cost of the insulation at the big box stores, and much to my surprise they were available that afternoon on the same day to install my insulation! I was amazed at that and very pleased with the professionalism of the installers. My attic insulation is now up to code and I anticipate a huge drop in my electric bills. I highly recommend Acme Insulation!


Mark at ACME insulation was great to work with for my commercial project. From start to finish he was helpful in explaining the most cost effective way to complete my job in a very professional and quality manner. They were very timely in coordinating with all of my other contractors to ensure that my whole job gets done efficiently. Thanks for the hard work Mark!

InterMountain Auto Glass

Great job! work done quickly and professionally. Big bang for the buck. My wife already notices a difference.

Scott K.